A Land Rover Love Story…

“Alyson and I are two friends from California who share an interest in both Land Rovers and off-roading.  Our unbreakable trust is attributed to a specific off-road experience that required us to recover our own two trucks from a rain soaked clay grade, alone, where our know how and perseverance got us, and our trucks, home unscathed.” – Erin


Alyson, who’s Land Rover Experience (LRE) in her employer’s new Range Rover led her to the Northern California Land Rover Club and the purchase of a 2003 Land Rover Discovery.  She have driven Land Rovers since 1999, but had yet to take one off-road.  She loves hiking and exploring and this just seemed like a natural extension of that love of being out doors and going off grid; seeing things not very many people see.  Fortunately, a couple members of the Northern California Land Rover Club (NCLR) were at LRE and they had given the attendees some brochures.  By the fall, she still didn’t own a Land Rover, but became a member of NCLR and was their first member to join who didn’t own a Land Rover.  By the spring of the following year, she officially became the owner of a Land Rover Discovery II which she calls Ghost.  Ghost and Alyson have been to the Mojave Road, the Overland Expo in Mesa, AZ, the Oregon Discovery Trails, and the Western National Land Rover Rally in Sedona.  Alyson has served on the club’s Board of Directors since 2015 and just recently took up post as club Secretary.

Erin’s off-road experience is very similar to her teammate’s.  Here love for camping and being outdoors started when she was very young, and is attributed to spending her youth in the Pathfinder club.  It was an organization similar to girl scouts, but was co-ed and through her church.  She was first introduced to Land Rovers when her husband purchased a new Range Rover in 2012 and they were invited by the dealership to Land Rover Experience in Carmel, CA to learn all about the Range Rover’s off-road capabilities.  She was introduced to Alyson and the Northern California Land Rover Club by chance while spending an afternoon at Hollister Hills SVRA.  The club was holding their annual club get together and Erin happened to pass by some club members on the trail.  She was invited to dinner, and the rest is history! Before long, she purchased a 2012 Land Rover Discovery 4, called Sparrow, that is both her daily driver and her personal off-road vehicle.  In 2014, she was elected to the club’s Board of Directors and held an officer position as club secretary for 3 years.  On December 10, 2016, she was elected as the club’s first female president in it’s 10 year existence.

The name Disco is a short form of the model Discovery and Dolls… well… that’s a given!