Jack(ed) Sparrow is the Land Rover that stole my heart.  So, my Land Rover love story began AFTER I told myself I wouldn’t own one because I would never, ever sell my Volvo C70.  I was in love with that car… it was a slick white hard top convertible (something I had always wanted but that my parents would never let me have) and very sexy.  Well… that all changed after my husband bought a 1992 Range Rover Classic.  The classic was our off road Oregon trail Baja traveling down and dirty never leave you stranded (most of the time) anywhere rig.  The downside, I found it hard to drive above 55… and I had become accustomed to luxurious drives in my sunny day top down everything goes Volvo.   The Volvo however would never be able to take me where the classic could.  And alas, I finally gave in to Land Rover bug.

On any given Sunday, we would drive past the Land Rover dealership on our way to bagel brunch, lox and coffee and the whole bit.  On a very sunny Sunday in November, the Land Rover lot had a great selection of used Discovery 4’s (known as LR4 in the USA, but I like to stick to the European roots).  A sandy colored rover, all shiny and not so new, caught my attention in the previously owned section.  For several weekends, it was there, again and again.  Finally, I convinced my husband to let me take it for a test drive, after all, it had been there for several months and seemed to be getting very little attention.

It was love, from the moment I opened the driver’s door and stepped inside, with it’s supple tan leather interior, piano black wood detail and brushed nickel accents.  I HAD TO HAVE IT!  And I hadn’t even driven it yet.  The roar of the 5.0L V8 with the push of button could make any heart melt and mine, well, pretty sure it had to be mopped up off the pavement.

The drive was smooth and the 375hp just made 0-60 seem like yesterday.  I felt tall and powerful, like everyone should probably just get out of my way.  I said out loud, “Baby have I got plans for you!”  The salesman grinned and said, “I’ll draft the paperwork…”  My husband however told me there is a catch… the Volvo has to go.  Wait…What?! NO!  Too many cars he said, not enough room he said… but we can fit four cars… can’t we?

Sadly, I had to said goodbye to my beloved convertible, but I traded it for a new to me, luxurious (always important) off-road machine that I can drive over 55!  On sunny California days, I sometimes miss my beloved Volvo, but I remind myself that it couldn’t take me where my Land Rover can, and the memories and friendships made along the way was worth it.



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